The guttering on your home has the important task of collecting rain water from the roof and preventing it from attacking the brickwork on its way down, protecting it from water damage.

Blocked, cracked or leaky guttering can allow serious damage to the structure of your home if not remedied, as well as providing a home for nesting birds and a repository for collecting moss and silt – something which will reduce its efficiency over time.

Plastic Fantastic use only the best uPVC guttering components, precision made to fit so as to reduce the possibility of leakage and optimise correct drainage. Overflowing or leaking gutters will be a thing of the past with our superior deep flow Ogee guttering system, available in a range of different colours (see the colours page).

At Plastic Fantastic we NEVER cover old Rotten Timbers. We always remove existing wooden timber before replace with new Maintenance Free uPVC Soffits.