Double Glazing

‘A’ RATED Energy Saving Double Glazing

Here at Plastic Fantastic we offer our customers ‘A’ Rated windows as standard. The ‘A’ Rated option dramatically reduces noise and energy loss through the windows. The ‘A’ Rated windows have been designed to conserve heat generated by the sun, keep the wind out and resist condensation. Our double glazed windows reduce your carbon footprint, increase the value of your home and cut the cost of your heating bills. As well as that your new windows will continue to save you money years after they’ve been fitted. All our ‘A Rated windows undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are of the highest quality, durability and reliability.

We offer an unrivalled range of styles & colours from traditional Golden Oak and Rosewood to more modern Cream, Black or Grey. We also have an extensive range of Bevels and Leadwork to add that personal touch.



A restrictor catch and restrictor hinge and both safety devices which initially prevents the window from opening fully for additional child safty. An automatic reset facility ensures safe operation at all times. Side hung windows can be ‘locked’ open, making cleaning safer and preventing the window from being blown shut. The entire restrictor mechanism is integral to the hinge, eliminating the need for a separate restrictor.



An emergency exit hinge allows a window to oen to a full 90 degrees and complies with the relevant building regulations. It also provides useful cleaning access from inside of the home. The hinge is designed for safety and emergency exit, the hinge is designed to allow the window to open to egress only. Designed for side hung applications they are ideal for first floor applications.



All our windows are glazed from the inside so the glass cannot be removed from the outside making double-glazing units more secure. They used to be beaded from the outside, which meant a would be burglar could just remove the beading and then the glass.That is no longer possible as the units are placed in the frame from the inside would be quite difficult if not impossible to remove from the outside.



Are tested to the equivalent of 55 years use, the stainless steel hinge hels to secure the window and creates a weather proof seal. The continual smooth action for release and the addition of Raiser bars, lifts the window automatically for effortless closing and locking. Egress stays with up to 90° opening allows easy exit in case of emergency. Our popular egress ‘easy clean’ eliminates the need for ladders when cleaning windows externally.

Areas we cover include…

Glossop Oldham Rochdale Stockport Tameside