How To Keep Your uPVC Looking Fantastic

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You’re probably already aware of the benefits of having uPVC windows and doors; it’s well-known that the material is extremely resistant to most weather conditions, temperatures and even heavy impacts. It won’t warp, rot or decompose in the way other materials do. It also looks fantastic, adding a contemporary clean edge to just about any home. The best part? It’s virtually maintenance free.

We say virtually because there is actually a bit of maintenance involved with keeping your uPVC windows and doors looking their finest. Unfortunately, not everyone realises this. We’ve seen plenty of cases where homeowners have invested in uPVC, only for their doors and windows to look grubby, discoloured and dull within a few years. This is because over time uPVC, despite its resilience, is affected by environmental factors such as pollution, cobwebs, slime and general everyday dirt. For this reason, regular cleaning is essential.

You might think the best way to clean uPVC would be to give it a good scrub with a strong cleaning product – it can take anything, right? Wrong. uPVC is protected by a shiny layer that is susceptible to scratching and can be worn off entirely. If you use a harsh chemical or a particularly abrasive cloth or sponge, you run the risk of ruining your windows completely. So what is the best way to keep your uPVC looking great?

For everyday maintenance, uPVC should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaning solution and a soft cloth – some even suggest using baby wipes! The safest bet is to use hot soapy water and wipe down the uPVC carefully, making sure not to scrub too hard so you don’t wear off the protective layer.  You should find that most dirt and grime will come off easily if you keep on top of cleaning and don’t let dirt build up too much!

For ground floor windows and composite doors, you should be able to keep them looking relatively clean yourself but what about first floor windows and conservatories? Unless you have a sturdy ladder, the relevant cleaning equipment and a fearless approach to heights, we’d recommend calling in the experts.

Here at Plastic Fantastic, we have a wealth of experience in uPVC cleaning as well as all the equipment and cleaning materials you probably won’t have stored around the house! Our revolutionary cleaning method will get your uPVC looking as good as the day it was installed and we’re willing to take on just about any job you can think of – no nook or cranny is too difficult to reach for our crack squad of uPVC cleaning experts.

Our method of cleaning is quick, non-abrasive and self-contained and can be arranged at a time convenient for you. We only use safe detergents in our cleaning process so there’s no risk to your family or any pets you may have. You can also rest assured that our products are environmentally friendly.

Getting Plastic Fantastic to clean your uPVC is a surefire way of keeping your windows, doors and conservatories looking great for years, and saves you the hassle of breaking out the ladder and trying to clean those difficult-to-reach areas yourself! Call us now on 0800 849 4567 for a free quote!

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