uPVC Fascias and Soffits: Why You Need Them

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There’s nothing worse than getting home from a hard day’s work and noticing that your roof is leaking and causing water damage in your home. Any kind of home repair is a pain, but roof repairs are especially daunting because there are no quick fixes; most leaky roofs are a result of years of deterioration due to the harsh elements the average roof has to face and the only solution is to tear the roof down and start again.

One of the big problem areas with roofs, especially on older houses, is fascias and soffits. If you’re not entirely sure what fascias and soffits are, don’t worry – we’re here to teach you!  In layman’s terms, the fascia is the band that goes around the roof, holding up roof tiles and the guttering. It also keeps out nasty pests such as vermin. Unfortunately, a lot of homes are fitted with wooden fascias. These fascias look great but you don’t need to be a scientist to figure out that wood and water aren’t a good mix.  Eventually these fascias will rot away as a result of facing the elements, leaving you with a leaky roof.

Soffits are hard-wearing boards attached to underside of the roof to protect the rafters from the elements. Again, a lot of soffits are made out of wood which means a lot of people face exactly the same issue as with wooden fascias – rotten wood, a severely damaged roof and water in their home!

This is where uPVC fascia boards and soffits come in. In contrast to their wooden equivalents, which we can bear the elements for a while before giving in completely, uPVC is resistant to all weather conditions and won’t wear down in the same way wood will. This makes it the ideal choice for protecting your roof.

uPVC offers numerous benefits over its wooden counterpart. Unlike wood, which can gets gradually more worn over the years and requires the odd lick of paint and varnish to get looking its best again, uPVC doesn’t require any painting whatsoever. In fact, uPVC is extremely low maintenance as it’s so resilient to the weather. All it requires is a quick clean every now and again! For the best results, make sure to clean out your gutters and piping at the same time to avoid any nasty surprises later.

uPVC also looks great for longer, being as it won’t get worn down by years of moisture. If you aren’t keen on the standard white uPVC effect, then fear not because uPVC comes in plenty of colours and styles to suit even the most style-conscious. Love the look of wood but can’t bear to face the consequences of a leaky roof? Worry not, for you can get wood effect uPVC!

uPVC fascias and soffits should be considered by anyone currently living with wooden equivalents, as it’s often a matter of time before these give in completely. If you do choose to have uPVC fascias and soffits installed, then avoid be wary of companies that offer ‘overcladding’ – this basically means sticking uPVC fascias and soffit boards over the old rotten wood, which is simply papering over the cracks and will undoubtedly lead to more issues in the long run. At Plastic Fantastic, we insist on a ‘Total Rip-Off’; we tear down all rotten wood and completely replace it with uPVC parts. This means that you avoid needing any more work in the long run.

Give us a call for a free quote on uPVC fascias and soffits on 0800 849 4567.

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