Plastic Fantastic is a company specializing in the replacement of soffits, fascias, guttering and cladding – not a window company trying to drum up more business.
We believe that undertaking this type of work requires the correct training and experience. Whilst a window company may be experts at their job, they will almost certainly not have Plastic Fantastic’s dedicated knowledge of roofline replacement work.

You wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix your car, so why get a double glazing company to fit your fascias?

Q: What job do fascias, soffits, cladding and guttering do?
A: They protect parts of your home from water damage, such as the brickwork and the ends of the rafters. They can also actively enhance the look of your home.

Q: Why should I have them replaced?
A: These components are usually made from softwood and so will decay and deteriorate over time, however well maintained they have been; therefore they will eventually fail to do the job they were installed for. Total removal of the old wood using PVC-U materials is a much better solution than “overcladding” (covering the existing rotten wood with a cosmetic cladding) as any wood left in place will continue to rot, making further remedial work necessary in the future. The replacement of these components also adds beauty and value to your house, as well as protecting it.

Q: Why are Plastic Fantastic different?
A: Plastic Fantastic are specialists, not “Jacks of all Trades”. We fit high quality materials to a professional standard at a competitive price with no hidden extras. We have many customers who are so happy with the work we have done that they write and tell us. They tell their friends and family too, and that’s where we get most of our business from. So we benefit from doing the work to the highest standards and the customer gets the job they want.
Plastic Fantastic call the process a “Total Rip-Off!” – all the rotting wood is ripped off and replaced with the new PVC-U materials. We use purpose built equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and all waste is removed from your home by pickup truck – no ugly skips will be left to irritate and inconvenience you – and the whole site is left clean and tidy, as it should be.

Q: So I can trust Plastic Fantastic?
A: Absolutely. You will get a first class job at a competitive price, you can deal with the Directors at any stage of the process and the whole job is backed by a 10 year manufacturers guarantee – not to mention our many testimonials and recommendations. We are so confident of our workmanship that we never ask for a deposit!

Q: How do I get a quote?
A: Please use the short form on the contact us page, or alternatively, you can call our freephone number on the left and we can talk directly. Either way, you’re under no obligation, and we won’t pressure you into having the work done!